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Helping US B2B SaaS companies expand in Europe

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Getting started, or expanding, in Europe can be a challenge for US-based SaaS companies.

And costly, especially when done wrong - direct costs, suboptimal results, etc..

As you (plan to) scale up across the pond, what if there was a flexible way for you to unlock the European market,

"as a Service"?




SINCE 2002



English, French & German.
Lived in UK, now Germany.



Closed largest contracts in all roles.
Getting the best out of the team.



Knows how to get things done.
By any means necessary.





Start immediately.




"Nic of all trades"



Cancel anytime.



Constant learner.
Up-to-date industry practices.



No local contract required.
Services are invoiced.



Get strategies, tactics and insights before committing to hiring a FTE.






SaaS for virtual & hybrid events

💰 Closed $5M new business in 2 years of part-time contracting.

🥇 #1 international rep of all-time (#4 global out of 40+).

🐳 Closed largest new license deal in company history.

🎬 Produced 120+ Sales videos & 50+ Sales graphics.

🤖 Automated tasks for higher efficiency (eg Proposal automation).

Nic, thank you for your huge contributions.

You came at a time where we desperately needed help, and you came in like a seasoned pro...

It was a great ride. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Don’t be a stranger, maybe our paths will cross again. All the best!


Ruben Castano


Ruben was a client of Nicolas




SaaS for webinars

twitter Built a lead generation automation (w/ Python & Twitter API).

📧 Built a custom outbound email system (w/ Python) leading to:

  • 3.4% conversion to meeting
  • 16% response rate

🤙🏼 Generated 5-10 meetings/week - mostly on auto-pilot.



Nic is one of the most incredible leaders you will ever encounter.

It's challenging to be concise in this recommendation as Nic possesses so many incredible talents...

He is a leader who is truly passionate and committed, not only to the mission, but to his people. He leads in a way that is inspiring, that builds a legion of trusting followers and that makes you realize that each minute you spend listening to him speak is going to benefit your growth tremendously. Nothing is wasted in his conversations - everything is of value and is meaningful.

Anyone can be a manager and get to end goals with basic skills, but it takes a complex balance of intelligence, mentorship and follow through to be a true leader and to accomplish what Nic has done at ON24. He is always thinking 18-24 months ahead - how to invest in himself so that he can be better for his people and how he can grow to drive superior results for his organization.

Nic has redesigned the way I think about growth as an individual and as a leader. He has simultaneously given me a foundational and strategic understanding of SaaS technologies. He has opened me up to new ways of thought and completely restructured how I view critical components of corporate operations. He has been a true mentor - a leader like no other. I simply can not wait to see what he accomplishes next.


Sam McKenna

Founder at #samsales, now one of the most sought-after LinkedIn influencers and sales experts

Nicolas was senior to Samantha but didn't manage Samantha directly

Nic is exceptionally talented, a true powerhouse of leadership and results.

His business acumen and expertise is the SaaS realm, combined with his constant thirst for knowledge means he's not just leading with the most up-to-date sales methodologies - he's defining and innovating them...

Nic has a natural skill for reading the room and inspiring trust in employees, peers and clients.

He takes a strategic approach to decision making, balancing his considerable analytical skill with the short and long-term goals of the business.

It's notable to mention he has a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of the global market, and speaks English, French and German with native fluency.

Nic is one of the strongest and most tenacious people I've had the pleasure of working with - he's truly brilliant, simply cannot recommend him highly enough.


Tiffany Jensen

Executive Vice President, Americas

Tiffany reported directly to Nicolas

Nic is one of the most dynamic business leaders with whom I've had the good fortune to work with.

I have come to trust him as a key advisor and sounding board on issues related to management, execution, and some of the most exciting trends in the market today...

I would divide my respect for Nic's accomplishments into three key areas:

1. MD of EMEA - as our Managing Director for EMEA, Nic transformed our execution (particularly on the Sales side), by re-focusing the teams on quantitatively-driven sales management techniques, which resulted in massive growth in our subscription revenue.

2. Sales leader peer - Nicolas is a voracious consumer of business texts, as well as a selfless sharer of insights and distilled learnings from that research. I open every email from him with curiosity and interest, and virtually always find pearls that I can implement in my own day-to-day operations.

3. Expert in Sales Enablement / Automation field - Nicolas has become extremely interested in sales automation over the past 18-24 months, and has made himself an expert in the area through a multitude of demonstrations, consultations, and texts. I will definitely look to him for advice on how best to outfit my sales teams for success as I proceed in my career.

In my experience, Nic is a great analyst on almost any business challenge, with extraordinary passion and knowledge specifically in the areas of SaaS and Sales Automation.


Andrew Fritts

Managing Director, Accenture

Andrew worked with Nicolas but on different teams

Nic is an exemplary leader, warrior, visionary manager.

I have never been led by someone who listens as well, drives me to work my hardest, and is able to work efficiently and effectively at a million miles per hour...

He is full of ideas, and unlike many leaders, he can create a plan and a process and see his ideas to fruition.

Not only is he hard-working but he is incredibly intelligent, imaginative, and human.


Sarah Counts

COO Wazoku

Sarah reported directly to Nicolas

Nicolas is a rare combination of technology evangelist, sales leader and someone who does things ''the right way''.

He demands a lot from himself and those around of him but his unfailing honesty, accuracy and good manners inspire an unusually high level of respect from his colleagues (I have rarely heard a leader be spoken of so positively), clients and suppliers...


Rob Case

Director, Tomka Ltd

Nicolas was Rob’s client

Nic is hands down the best sales leader I have worked for and with.

He is a perfect example of leading by example and with integrity, dedication and fairness...

Nic is a magnanimous leader who is very open and honest with his feedback.

He is constantly sharing creative ideas and knowledge around sales and technology whilst encouraging you to figure out solutions to challenges yourself. Nic has this incredible knack to build an army of loyal and passionate people who will put everything into what they do because Nic makes the environment an awesome place to work.

Nic understands the sales world like no one else I know. He has a technology and app for everything and helps everyone understand their weaknesses and improve on them. He always puts himself in the other persons shoes (both colleagues and customers) which ensures that every result has the best outcome for both parties.


Dustyn Smith

Co-Founder & CRO, HEMOData

Dustyn reported directly to Nicolas

Nic is a dedicated professional with a passion for excellence.

His technical knowlege is impressive and he expects all his team to strive for the same high standards he sets himself...

I believe that is why he has the trust and respect of his colleagues in order to grow such a successful team in Europe.


James Stanworth

Senior Account Executive, Enterprise, APJ

Nicolas was senior to James but didn't manage James directly

Nic is one of the most driven and goal-oriented people I have ever met.

Regardless of how many knock-backs he encounters Nic will persist and try another route. However, what sets Nic apart from others is his ability to not be blinded by that focus. Instead, he is very aware of what goes on around him and is able to create win-win situations for himself and others he works with (and for)...

As a result, working with Nic is an experience that also pushes others to excel and continually improve. The outcome is not blind ambition, but positive achievement.

Nic is a natural leader, well beyond being merely a manager, and he involves his team in a way that motivates and brings out the best in them.

Nic is extremely smart and business-savvy. To say he is well-informed in the B2B tech and SaaS area is an understatement. He is able to spot early and small differentiators that set successful companies and individuals apart and apply them to his own area of business.

I have worked alongside Nic as a colleague, as well as under him as a leader, for over 5 years. From a personal and professional perspective, during that time, I have got to know him as a person with a strong moral compass, who is fair, open and honest, and extremely positive.


Lev Cribb

Managing Director, WebinarExperts

Lev reported directly to Nicolas

Nic is hands down the most dynamic business leader, manager and mentor with whom I've had the good fortune to work with.

Nic is extremely smart and business savvy – this is not by chance or good fortune...

He constantly strives to better himself, consuming, learning and sharing ongoing.

Nic has never been afraid to admit when he is not the subject matter expert but you can rest assured he will do everything he can to become more knowledgeable. This he shares and advocates constantly, inspiring everyone around him to do the same.

As a sales leader he is arguably the best – a leader and a warrior who always puts his people before himself and the best person to have in your corner when required.

Almost single handedly Nic built a solid robust channel presence here in Europe and then went on to lead the entire Sales Team ultimately the entire EMEA organization. What Nic has achieved here in Europe is now seen as the benchmark globally here at ON24, testament to his commitment, his vision and his huge success

In my 3 years working here at ON24 he has proven to be an exceptional coach, outstanding leader and the best mentor I could have hoped for, It has been a pleasure working with him.

I have no doubt that what he chooses to set his mind to he will accomplish, he truly is a visionary in the B2B Tech and SaaS environment, he will achieve great things - that I am sure of!


Harish Sethi

Regional Sales Director, ON24

Harish reported directly to Nicolas

I am extremely fortunate to have worked (and learned from) an extraordinary leader and manager.

Nic’s drive, determination and willingness to go against the status quo have driven not only his own success but also the success of the entire sales team at ON24 EMEA...

On a personal level, Nic’s eye for detail and ability to take an idea from inception to completion is second to none and I have reaped the rewards having had the opportunity to learn firsthand how to implement plans and processes within a growing SaaS business.

His penchant for learning not only sits well with his team but also with the vast number of clients that have benefit directly from this mindset.

In an industry that is enjoying stratospheric growth Nic’s ability to engage intellectually (in multiple languages), imaginatively and have his client’s best interests at heart make references to Nic’s acumen as the “ON24 Warrior” completely true.

I am looking forward to seeing what Nic accomplishes next and I plan to continue my association with him throughout my career.


Taz Bhachoo

Head of Sales at SEDNA | SaaS Sales Leader

Taz reported directly to Nicolas

It's rare to come across a standout talent like Nic!

I had the pleasure of reporting to him directly for over three years...

Nic's ability to multitask and simplify complex business problems was unlike any I've seen before - making a dramatic difference in the productivity of our team.

I would work with him again in a heartbeat.


Ankit Sagar

Vice President, Sales at ON24

Ankit reported directly to Nicolas

Nicolas is a great sales man who manages complex Sales and sets up the right strategy for that, covering incredibly well the buying center.

During the time he worked for us, he managed to close numerous deals with Tier1 operators in Germany !

What makes him one of the best sales guy I met in my life is that on top of his sales skills he has a strong technical understanding coming from the fact that he personally wants to understand.


Olivier Dronne

Managing Director of Sagemcom Broadband Germany GmbH

Olivier managed Nicolas directly

If I had to describe Nicolas in 3 terms, it would be “Fantastic Leader”, “Get-it-Done”, “SaaS”.

When it comes to business models and how to drive a company forward, he is one of the most knowledgeable and savvy people I have known. With his great passion for SaaS models and “make-it-happen” attitude, he is the right fit for any dynamic company...

Nicolas is a natural team leader, who knows how to drive the business forward while inspiring his team to do the same. The humbleness with which he carried his position is admirable, which makes him very approachable for discussing any concerns or ideas.

Much loved by both colleagues and clients for his enthusiastic and personal yet professional approach, I would be first in line to hire him.


Lien Vandeputte

Director Customer Success, ON24

Lien reported directly to Nicolas




My name is Nicolas Deville. You can call me Nic.

I'm French-Austrian, grew up in Paris, living now in Germany after 10 years in London.

Been in Sales for most of my life, starting when I was a kid, working with my mother for pocket money, helping her as a freelance B2B rep in the 90's!

Climbed the Sales career ladder to be the youngest VP Sales, then Managing Director Europe (2x).
Both times in VC-backed SaaS startups, encompassing leadership of all local functions (Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, Operations) with a team of 30+.

Both companies IPO'ed.

Left the "employee" world in 2017.

Bootstrapped & sold two platforms:

  • - a Groupon for private jet operators.
    Sold in 2019 to our US competitor.
  • - a Robotic Process Automation platform for office tasks.
    Sold in 2021 to a US organisation.

Since then, I've come back to the world of SaaS, offering my skills and experience, providing "VP Sales-as-a-Service" to US B2B SaaS looking to expand in Europe

I love the Game of Sales & building teams, processes and automations 😁

You can read more about my approach to Sales on Nic's notes.

Looking to work with innovative B2B SaaS & AI solutions.